How to Assign Games and Track Progress

This tutorial shows teachers and parents how to assign games and track progress on Ji Tap Pro.Read more

How to Create a Class & Add Learners

How to Create Sub-accounts for your Learners on Ji Tap Download the PDF to print out for your convenience. The easiest way to create student accounts, or sub-accounts, is for one teacher (or the tech person at your school) to create all the sub-accounts via the “upload full class” option. To access that option, have theRead more

Can I edit another game creator’s game?

You can make edits to someone else’s game on the Ji Tap app as long as that game is editable. How can I check if a certain game is editable? Load the game on the app. Once the game starts playing on your iPad, tap on the icon with the horizontal lines (also known asRead more

How can I accept an invitation to a learning group?

  First, the user that created the group needs to invite you to the group by following this process: -click on the name of the group. -click on Members. -type in your email address or username and then click Invite. Once a user invites you via your email address, you will get an email notificationRead more

Create Personalized Video Activities on Ji Tap

Adding videos to your activities are an excellent way to explain difficult concepts, and engage students. You can now add your own videos directly from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or record a video on Ji Tap with the camera on your iPad. To add a visual explanation, catchy introduction, or fun song, you wereRead more

Can I share / publish my students’ games?

Yes. You can make their games public. In addition, you can share their games via Facebook, Twitter or email. If your students are under the age of 13, it is advisable that their games be set to private for safety reasons, if they contain personally identifiable information about the students, such as images of theirRead more

Update to Image Search on Ji Tap

We’ve improved our image search to make creating even easier! Image search now includes: Royalty Free images: add images to your Ji Tap activities without worrying about copyright infringements Clipart images: search for clipart to fit the design of your game Line drawings for coloring activities: create coloring activities for students to complete We wouldRead more

New Personalized Homepage

Ji Tap now has a personalized homepage. Log in to our site or app, and you’ll see three new rows on the homepage: Assigned, Recently Played and From People you Follow. These personalized rows will appear when you’re logged in as long as they apply to you. If you don’t have any games assigned toRead more

Please Use our New Domain:

Ji Tap has switched to a new domain: Please make sure that you’re logged into the new domain when you’re trying to access the site. If you try to use the old domain, you will encounter many problems with the way games are playing. So make sure you’re on! Note: check the urlRead more

How To Use The New Talk Or Type Feature on Ji Tap

Play the video below to learn about our new Talk or Type feature. Please note that the Talk feature only works on the app, and only if Siri is activated on your iPad. Because users will be playing games on both the site and app, please make sure your activity allows users to both talkRead more