Steps to setting up your Ji Tap School Pro

Step-by-step help for setting up your Ji Tap School Pro

How to Create a Family User Profile

This video will show you how to get started with Ji Tap by creating your user profile for your family.Read more

How to invite sub-accounts and accept an invitation

This tutorial shows you how to invite your learners (sub-accounts) to join a class and how they can accept an invitation to join a class in Ji Tap.Read more

Ji Tap Pro – Pricing Plans

There are several pricing plans available for Ji Tap. Below is a brief summary, but for all the information, please visit the Go Pro! page. The various options are: Basic account: Free for up to 5 sub-accounts. No access to Insights, nor ability to assign games to sub-accounts. There is also limited access to gamesRead more

How to Unsubscribe from Ji Tap Pro

The way you unsubscribe from Ji Tap depends on how you signed up in the first place. You either signed up through Apple iTunes from the iPad (Family monthly subscription), or you signed up through the Ji Tap Pro Page on the Ji Tap website. You need to unsubscribe from the same platform. iTunes SubscriptionRead more

How to change Ji Tap interface to Hebrew

How to create Ji Tap games in Hebrew

Ji Tap can be localized, which means that if you would like the menu options and all instructions to be in Hebrew, you can. The steps below will show you how to change your Ji Tap interface to Hebrew: Upload all your newly created games to the Ji Tap cloud Delete the Ji Tap appRead more

Ji Tap – Create, Play & Inspire – Jewish games in minutes

DISCOVER & PLAY lessons, ideas, games and templates made by Jewish teachers, parents and children CREATE your own interactive Jewish games using Ji Collections – Jewish holiday themes, Jewish texts, sound clips and animations SHARE your creations with a worldwide Jewish community & engage your students with JudaismRead more

Pesach iPad Workshop

This iPad workshop was created for use in a Jewish Studies class. The aim is to learn about Dayenu through 21st Century learning, motivating and engaging the students to think about what they appreciate about being Jewish. Sammy Morhaim, Ji’s UK Manager, designed this workshop for you. Download the PDF here.    Read more

How to Use Ji Tap

Play the video tutorial above to learn how you can create Jewish and Hebrew educational games and lessons using Ji Tap.Read more

Step-by-step: Creating a user profile

Play the tutorial above to learn how to create a user profile on Ji Tap.Read more